glassfish “Unable to start server due following issues: java.lang.NullPointerException” exception

When starting glassfish server, if you get "Unable to start server due following issues: java.lang.NullPointerException" exception, it is probably because of the localization settings of eclipse. To change eclipse’s localization settings:

  • Open eclipse.ini file which is located in your eclipse installation directory (in the same folder with eclipse.exe).
  • Add -Duser.language=en in the bottom of your eclipse.ini.
  • Restart eclipse.

There is a parallel problem for netbeans. If you get: “GlassFish Server Server start failed. Cant create start proccess” in netbeans, consult:


Git with Eclipse (EGit)
bu sitedeki adımları takip ettim. Fakat eclipseteki kodları github a push etmek isterken “Reason: ssh:// Passphrase for ...” gibi bi hata çıkıyor. çünkü, bendeki eclipse versiyonu indigo ve galiba incubationlarda böyle bir bug varmış. bu linkte de görüldüğü gibi, eclipse in older versionlarından birini yüklemek gerekiyor. peki Where can I find older releases of EGit? :)
bendeki güncel versiyonu uninstall edip, bunu install ettim, oldu. yani github a eclipseteki projeyi push edebildim.

Alternatively, şöyle de birşeyler var:

Simple fix that skips the passphrase and uses only Eclipse

  1. Use ssh-keygen from Git Bash, or Eclipse, to generate an RSA key, but do so without setting a passphrase.
  2. Open and copy the public key from ~/.ssh/ and add it to GitHub via the SSH Public Keys section in Account Settings.
  3. Restart Eclipse. (Note: Not doing this was tripping me up for a while.)
  4. Try the Push Upstream steps again from the EGit User Guide.

The obvious pitfall here is that a passphrase cannot be associated with the RSA key. If skipping the passphrase is out of the question the following solution a little more up your alley.

Installing Jadclipse

The original author of the JadClipse project maintains it no more, and the latest build 3.4.0 doesn’t support eclipse 4.x.
To install JadClipse for Eclipse 4.x (Juno, Kepler, etc) simply add this URL to your Eclipse Installation: .
No need to set jad path in the preference page.

Jadclipse is an eclipse plug-in that integrates Jad (Java decompiler) with Eclipse.

  • First you require Jad for decompiling java files. You can find a list of mirrors on this site where you can get JAD for various platforms. Download it and unzip into any folder on your hard drive.
  • Next download the Jadclipse plug-in jar file from here and place the jar file in your eclipse plugins folder
  • Restart your eclipse. If eclipse didn’t recognize the plug-in then launch eclipse with -clean flag.
eclipse -clean
  • Configure the path to the Jad executable in eclipse under Window > Preferences… > Java > JadClipse > Path to Decompiler.

  • Set the full path of the jad executable, e.g. C:\Program Files\Jad\jad.exe
  • Go to Window > Preferences… > General > Editors > File Associations and make sure that the JadClipse Class File Viewer has the default file association for *.class  files.

Now everything is done. If you want to view the source for any class then simply ctrl+click on that class then the source for that class will be showed in your eclipse editor.